EU Call for participation – new members for EIP High Level Steering Group and Operational Groups

As the mandate of the group selected in 2013 comes to an end, DG GROW is calling for applications in view of selecting new members for both the EIP’s High-Level Steering Group and its Operational Groups.
For the High-Level Steering Group DG GROW is looking for up to 70 representatives at the highest hierarchical level, and for the Operational Groups – whose role is to advice the High-Level Steering Group – DG GROW is looking for up to 180 experts.
All organisations that are registered in the Transparency Register are welcomed to send in their applications, using the templates (see link below) by 31 January 2017. Member States and other public entities have received an invitation letter.
Applicants are kindly requested to read the conditions of the call and send in their applications using the templates available at the link below.
Find more information here.

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