ReVolv, your partner in change

Welcome to the future!

We believe the resource challenges of the future must be solved today with innovation, tomorrow will be too late. We are currently working with people addressing these issues to deliver the best outcome for us all.

Why ReVolve?

At ReVolv we provide solutions today which address a growing market for both recyclers and producers. Our approach is to provide solutions today that address the “here and now” need but also the future potential coming from these markets. We believe partnering with recyclers in a changing world to delivery the best outcome.

ReVolv product’s deliver critical infrastructure to enable a truly circular economy for screens with Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), allowing Critical Raw Material recovery (CRM) that is otherwise lost. ReVolvs subscription business model allows access to state of art robotics for the most advances, safe and efficient recycling bringing the future of recycling to the present day.

Why ALR 3000?

The ALR 3000© is the only fully automated patented technology which depollutes the hazardous components from Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs).

After processing in the ALR 3000© the hazardous components are safely removed and the LCD can subsequently be processed through existing WEEE process lines.

ALR 3000© brings a disruptive and innovative technology to the recycling industry:
• Fully Automated
• Patent Protected
• Highest Available Processing Capacity
• Operational Leasing Model
• Low Operational Running Costs and Low Capex


More information about the business model and the technical specifications HERE

or for the latest on the ReVolv Project journey visit or call Dr. Lisa O’Donoghue, CEO, Votechnik on +353 (0) 8 77420639

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