ALR 3000 Demonstration Days. Now from 5 March to 31 May 2018.

ReVolv invites you to visit the upscaled and improved version of ALR 3000 in Ireland.

[The ReVolv Project has now ended – to view the technology in operation visit or call Dr. Lisa O’Donoghue, CEO, Votechnik on +353 (0) 8 77420639]

EXTENSION of the demostration days to visit the new ALR 3000!! Now from 5 March to the end of May 2018. Register now and do not lose this opportunity!

The Votechnik ALR 3000 is a fully automated, high throughput technology designed to meet the WEEE Directive recycling rates and the needs of the flat panels recycling industry. The ALR 3000-ALR can process >60 LCDs per hour and separate the liquid crystal glass panel and the mercury from the LCD display. In the frame of the ReVolv project, an upscaled and improved version of the ALR 3000 was designed for LCD panel depollution to enable further downstream recycling. Now stakeholders can visit the technology in Ireland, at KMK Metals Recycling Ltd. facilities and learn more about this solution designed for the WEEE recycling industry.

Download HERE the market insight on the LCD recycling.

Read MORE about the mercury contained in LCDs and how ALR 3000 may help manage this issue.

Who should attend?
• WEEE recycling industry interested in flat screens recycling technologies
• EEE industry
• Stakeholders interested in new recycling technologies

KMK Metals Recycling Ltd. facilities will open from March 5 to 30, 2018 to external parties wishing to visit the new ALR 3000. Demonstrations will be held daily within the hour slots available. Please contact us for other opening hours requests. Please note the testing may be limited by access to LCDs.

Please register HERE.

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